iOS 5 has hidden autocorrection lists

It was just yesterday when @chpwn released FireBreak to activate the hidden panoramic feature of iOS 5 which we told you, was a bad idea. Today another hacker @SonnyDickson has uncovered another feature of iOS 5 which is actually a great idea. Turns out that iOS 5 has a hidden feature of autocorrection lists that appear just above the soft keyboard as you type. This feature is very much similar to Android’s typing suggestions, they also appear on top of the keyboard as you type. May be Apple engineers wrote it and bundled it into iOS 5 but didn’t make it visible because of similarity with Android? All we know is that the feature is there and can be activated as @SonnyDickson has shown us. Sonny has got it working on his iPad 2 and has tweeted the screenshot:

Autocorrection lists on iPad 2

Autocorrection lists on iPad 2

Like always, people would ask for the credibility so we are here to tell you that Sonny is a trusted iOS hacker and won’t do a photoshop for publicity. He has not yet released this to Cydia but there’s no reason he won’t. We have asked him about his plans of releasing it and waiting for a reply, we’d let you know when we have an update.

As the autocorrect feature is already there in iOS 5, Apple might unhide it in some iOS 5.x update but until then we’d love to have it through Cydia. The feature is demonstrated on iPad 2 but as far as I can tell, it should work fine on iPhone 4, iPad 1, iPhone 3S and even iPhone 4S.

The real awesomeness is that it does not even require a jailbreak! Just like you can unhide the panoramic camera without a jailbreak! Don’t forget to keep updated so you don’t miss it.

Update #1: Autocorrection lists are demoed in spotlight but they’d work system-wide.

Update #2: Here you go, they are working fine on iPhone 4S too:

Autocorrection lists in iOS 5

Autocorrection lists in iOS 5

Update #3: Oh, did you notice that “confirm” button on the keyboard? “Search”/”Go” button on the keyboard is renamed as “confirm” when autocorrection lists are enabled. It is definitely there so that you can enforce your spellings instead of any of the suggestions.

Update #4: Here’s how to activate this feature whithout a jailbreak.

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