There are thousands of vacuum cleaner models available to the public. How do you know what to choose and what company to trust? Sometimes the simple process of picking an appliance can prove very difficult as you might have already found out. Let us see what you should know before purchasing.


First of all you need to understand the uses of different types of vacuum cleaners. Upright models feature the pump directly mounted over the intake. The bag used for dirt collecting can be found on the handle. This contrasts with the cylinder (or canister) model, which has the motor and the bag located in another canister unit. The vacuum head is connected to it through a flexible hose. A wet vacuum is a special appliance designed to suck up liquids. It can work and look much like any other vacuum, some models presenting the possibility of taking in both dry and wet dirt. If you need a vacuum in a commercial area or while traveling, you should consider a back-pack vac or a hand-held vacuum cleaner. Several other robotic models have been developed but for the normal, everyday user these are the most important types worth considering.


Now let us take a look at the leading vacuum cleaner manufacturers. Most of the models currently released include a new technology called “cyclone principle”. This means that dirt will be sucked up by the vacuum’s head and taken through a filtering system. Some wet models can even make the process achieve incredible heights. Some claim that the resulting water can be used for laundry washing, cooking and even drinking. You should not trust everything people say about this fact and if you decide to buy such a vacuum cleaner it’s better to use the water only for plants.


A cyclone system is used in the highly popular model: Dyson DC07 Animal Bagless Upright Cyclonic Vacuum. It is currently one of the most sold upright vacuum cleaner models and is produced by Dyson vacuum cleaners. The company prides itself on delivering quality to users. You can consider them one of the best and the technology used in their products is truly impressive. Electrolux is another important vacuum cleaner producer, manufacturing Eureka vacuum cleaners. They have various products and if you are looking for quality and low prices you can take a look at their vacuums. They would fit your research perfectly. You might also have heard of Miele vacuum cleaners. They have models for all types of vacuum cleaners and you can see them divided in series. IE: Galaxy Series, Solaris Series, S200 Series, etc. If you enjoy brands that have existed for longer periods of time you might consider Hoover vacuum cleaners. Their first model was created in 1907 and they have been a leading producer in the market ever since. Hoover evolved from the original design and features to many popular models of all kinds today.


In the case of industrial vacuum cleaners, the choice will become a little tougher. These appliances have special features and are designed to fit the purpose for which they are used. This means that you will have to see what you need in order to choose the correct model. You need to do this for any type of vacuum cleaner but with industrial vacuum cleaners, you will have to pay more attention to detail.


As a conclusion, we only need to say one sentence: “It is you that needs the vacuum cleaner and not someone else”. This means that you must not really take notice of what other friends, family members or acquaintances use. Take a look at your agenda, see what kind of vacuum cleaner you need (you might have problems with a large cylinder model if you have a lot of furniture in the house). After this consult more catalogs and companies to see if there is a model that can suit you. Give it a test run and only after that can you truly decide. The companies mentioned above are the most important at the moment but a breakthrough model can appear at any time as well. Think first and only buy afterward!


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