Every person will wish to stay in a spotless and tidy homestead. Due to the busy schedules, we are ever involved in, doing regular cleanliness becomes at times a challenge. To make it work, employing the right cleaning equipment is the thing you should consider at large. Among this cleaning equipment in the market are the robot vacuum cleaners. These gadgets are quite small in size but then, they are powerful as compared to other cleaning gadgets in the market. Among the popular robotic vacuum cleaners are the Neato and Roomba brands. These models have advanced features that will help have your job well done. Let’s look deep into these brands, their features, differences and much more about them.


Neato brands have been in the market almost a decade now, they have made such a remarkable place as they comprise some best technologies and thus they stand to be among the reliable ones for consideration. Some of the latest Neato vacuum cleaner models you will find in the market are the Neato Botvac, the Neato Botvac D5, and the Neato Botvac D80.


Roomba brands are too other efficient robotic gadgets in the market. They have been in the market for over two decades and they are actually an option to many people out there. They have continually shown a remarkable difference right from their design to their kinds of cleaning patterns at large. Among the latest Roomba models, you will find in the market are the iRobot Roomba 980, iRobot Roomba 860 and iRobot Roomba 960. Let’s keep on to discuss more about these two models widely.


Common Roomba and Neato features


Advanced Features


Both these two brand cleaning machines; they have been designed with advanced and upgraded features to help perform cleaning tasks perfectly. There are those with complicated sensors and others equipped with dust bags. Both also have detection capability to detect any kind of surface changes.


Auto Recharge option


Both these gadgets are programmable to move right back to their docking stations and recharge their batteries in case they go down. This innovation has greatly helped for the machines to work even while you are away.


Set the boundaries


For both models, an owner is capable of setting his/her desired cleaning space. The set cleaning surface limits cannot at all be breached by the machine once set. As usual, if it detects any kind of hard item, it will bounce back to other places automatically.


Dust detection


They have all been designed to detect dust amounts in different cleaning surface spots and they perform cleaning tasks automatically.


Minimal Maintenance


Both vacuum cleaners don’t require much maintenance. By choosing a high-quality product, you are assured to get much out of the product you buy.


Neato vs. Roomba


The manufacturers of these gadgets both produce high-end products that many have greatly considered in carrying out their daily duties. Actually, the gadgets might be somehow costly, but then, they are worth what they are paid for. It is normal that making a selection of the right gadget to fit your needs is not such an easy task, for this case, herein you will have an idea of the differences between Neato and Roomba robot vacuums. You should take advantage to learn about their differences to help you while out there making your selection.


Differences between Roomba and Neato robot cleaning vacuums


To start with, Roomba vacuums normally comes well equipped with tangle-free silicone rollers while Neato vacuums are designed with combo brushes that work well when cleaning out pet hair. Silicone rollers, in this case, are however easily maintained.


Except for the latest Roomba models in the market, going through a map created by Roomba is not possible. There is actually no possibility for a buyer to set digital modern virtual walls. This is quite different with Neato as their brands have magnetic tapes and there is the ability to come up with as many No-Go Lines as you need.


Roomba vacuum cleaners are equipped with a camera sensor to work with while Neato brands use LIDAR mapping that is laser based. Working with LIDAR mapping is more accurate and the gadget can be used even in the dark.


Roomba vacuum cleaners have carpet identification whereas Neato kinds are equipped with Turbo mode that helps provide users such a deep cleaning as possible. Both of these work well on carpets, but then, the Roomba vacuum cleaners switch air power automatically to a maximum level.


Each of the Neato vacuum cleaners normally stores at least even single created maps whereas, for the Roomba vacuum cleaners, it’s only the latest models in the market that can do that. Normally, robots don’t necessarily require coming up with a map at any time it starts performing cleaning duty.


Which is better between them?


After a thorough comparison and analysis of these two robotic vacuum cleaners, it is quite evident that these cleaners somehow function similarly. As the Neato brands are capable to do corner and walls clean up with such an efficient cleaning option and battery, its counterpart the Roomba has superior features like for instance it is equipped with dirt sensors and laser barriers that offers them better performance rates at large. If you try to compare their cost, the Neato vacuums seem to be cheaper as compared to the Roomba robot vacuums. In terms of performance, we can conclude that a Roomba robot vacuum is the way to go. On the other hand, in terms of cost, Neato can be the option.




While out there in the market, you will come across many robotic vacuum cleaners to choose from. Ensure that you have a clear guide to help you choose the right vacuum cleaner to fit well your needs. You can have help from online reviews to make the right selection for you. Get a clear check up on the right reliable experience and online reviews to settle for the right gadget. Why do you have to hesitate about this? Make the right selection today.


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