Installed a Siri port? You might have made your iDevice incompatible for untethered jailbreak

There have been so many attempts at making Siri ports for iPhone 4 and 3GS available for public but none of them has seen a major success. A few weeks back, a Siri port made it to Cydia with the name H1siri, but it was yet another failure as it relied on a proxy server which used a UDID from an iPhone 4S to establish an authentic connection with Apple’s servers. That server obviously had to fail to deal with all the traffic load. Other known ports were Siri0us – which was just a Nuance dictation and ESRA – which barely understood what you spoke.

Despite their pathetic performance, what is more worrying about these (and other) Siri ports is that they relied on the files obtained from iPhone 4S, which was not only an illegal thing but may have also replaced the dyld cache on your non-iPhone 4S device including the iPhone 4, 3GS and iPad 1. Thanks to @ih8sn0w for bringing this to our attention. Ports with 150+ MB of file size are most likely to have replaced dyld caches leaving behind the dyld cache of an iPhone 4S on the host device. Any successful iOS 5 untethered jailbreaks including @podg’s are not compatibile with iPhone 4S and the devices with a 4S dyld cache may not be able to enjoy an untethered jailbreak when released. This is a worrying situation because when you uninstall the port, you may remove the dyld cache altogether.

Fortunately, dyld cache of an iDevice is installed every time you restore and a simple solution would be to do a fresh restore to iOS 5.0 or iOS 5.0.1.

If you are on iOS 5.0 and believe that you replaced your non-iPhone 4S device’s dyld cache with iPhone 4S’s, you should restore it to iOS 5.0 by downloading the IPSW from our downloads section and doing an alt+restore (shift+restore in windows) in iTunes. As it is now safe to upgrade to iOS 5.0.1, you can also restore to 5.0.1 but before that don’t forget to save your SHSH blobs with iFaith so that you can downgrade if you ever want to.

If you have any confusion, shoot a question in the comments section below and you might get an answer from the awesome community over here at JailbreakStory. We, the editors do also keep checking the comments and reply promptly.

Apple TV hacked to run iOS apps

Since the launch of Apple TV 2 and the first available jailbreak, hackers had the urge to run iOS apps on the black box. Fortunately, the dream has come true and hackers have made success in running iOS apps natively on Apple TV 2 without AirPlay mirroring. Now that the untethered jailbreak is available for AppleTV 4.4.4, cydia and the app store are also running on Apple TV 2. Since the visual space isn’t a problem anymore, multiple apps can run side by side.

Although tiny little app windows are not making much sense, iPad apps would look a lot better and with some sort of scaling to a full screen we are all set to rock. But the whole point is to prove that Apple TV can run iOS apps and developers may want to write the apps in Xcode specifically for Apple TV.

The hack is made possible by the MobileX by @TheMudkip which is developed using Apple’s QuartzCore library. The springboard is written from scratch using MXKit. @stroughtonsmith @TheMudkip and @westbaer are the guys to keep an eye on, in case you need to. Otherwise we’d love to send you a text as soon as the hack is released for public consumption.