Siri goes down across United States

Here it begins! Siri is reportedly down in most of the parts of the united states. There are a lot of users who are reporting that Siri is dead for them. Asking Siri anything brings up an error message or the other:

I’m really sorry about this, but I can’t take any requests right now. Please try again in a little while

There’s something wrong and I can’t answer your questions right now. Please try again in a little while.

Siri is a cloud based service which can’t work if you are not connected to internet or Apple’s servers don’t respond to it, which happened in the case of iPhone 4 or any other non-4S device before Apple’s servers were tricked to get it working. Apple’s Siri servers beared the load on the launch day because there were too few users in the beginning to cause any load at all. There are several million iPhone 4S out there by now and the number is increasing with each passing day. Apple made iPhone 4S available in 13 more countries yesterday and the load does not seem to be handled well. Apple should have known the upcoming load and managed the load with back-up servers, I know they did that but not very well.

If you’ve got an iPhone 4S in hands, you’d know that Siri fails to respond at times but recovers in moments but this time the outage seems to have extended to several hours now. Apple is not famous for cloud as iCloud and Siri are its first cloud based services but Apple’s performance with both of them would define its future in cloud and people’s trust in Apple’s cloud services. With today’s outage we can’t rate their performance as very good as its rivals have a track record of zero outage for years – see a few moments of gmail outage caused the internet to burst which proves google’s proficiency in cloud, same is true for Amazon. This also explains why Apple didn’t allow any devices other than iPhone 4S to run Siri and won’t do so in any software update at least in near future unless they scale very well.

Hackers have already managed to get Siri fully functional on iPhone 4 and iPod touch but the current outage is a red signal to their plans of releasing it to public.

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