Here’s how to activate iOS 5′s hidden autocorrection lists [Updated]

A couple of hours ago we told you guys that iOS 5 packs the autocorrection lists in it but you don’t see them because they are hidden. A hacker @SonnyDickson had revealed them and we know that you’ve been eagerly waiting to put them on our iPhones and iPads. Turns out, the process is very similar to the activation of panoramic features without a jailbreak. Follow the following steps and you’ll have it activated but please don’t mess anything as we don’t provide any guarantees. (See the update below.)

1. Download iBackupBot for Mac or Windows.
2. Backup your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch in iTunes.
3. Run iBackupBot and load the backup you just made through iTunes.
4. Locate Library/Preferences/ in the backup and add the following code to it. Placement doesn’t matter but don’t break a <tag></tag>:


5. Save the changes and restore to the modified backup from within iBackupBot.

Autocorrection lists in iOS 5

Autocorrection lists in iOS 5

Once done, you’d see spelling suggestions appearing on top of your iPhone/iPad’s keyboard. You can select a suggestion or keep on typing your own. It’s a pretty cool feature and doesn’t even require a jailbreak to activate it.

Update: If you have a jailbreak, an app is available in Cydia to enable autocorrection lists, it’s name is “Autocorrection Bar” and is available from BigBoss repo. If you don’t have a jailbreak, the above steps are for you.

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