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Breaking: Siri has been ported to iPhone 4!

on 15 October at 7:50 am

Siri, as we know today is the most lovely feature of iOS 5 that works with iPhone 4S only. This has not only been a great selling point for Apple’s new device but has also been a way to differentiate between an iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. iPhone 4 users have been envying iPhone 4S users because of Siri but why would we worry when we have great hackers and a developer community ready to help us? Our old friend and a famous hacker Steve Troughton Smith has successfully ported Siri to iPhone 4! He has not released it yet but has tweeted a screenshot of Siri running on iPhone 4. Steve is the guy who unlocked Palm Pre when it was first released back in 2009 and is also responsible for unveiling many in-depth undercover secrets of several iOS releases so we won’t ask him for any proofs and would wait for the moment when he releases Siri for our iPhone 4!

10/15/11 7:28 AM
Siri on iPhone 4Siri on iPhone 4
Rawr. http://t.co/g0nukZT3 #notquitethereyet
10/15/11 7:45 AM
Siri Running on White iPhone 4

Siri Running on White iPhone 4

Siri would only work on an iPhone 4 when its jailbroken, as far as I can guess so make sure that you have jailbroken it using redsn0w or sn0wbreeze. We are keeping up with Steve and can assure that we’d post the news and a how-to guide as soon as the Siri port to iPhone 4 is complete. Text messages are the fastest way we can notify you of the news so send Follow JS_JN to 40404(USA) / 21212 (Canada) / 86444 (UK) or to your country’s shortcode from your phone and we’ll send you a text right at the moment we have the news. You’d love our twitter and Facebook page too but if you are not into that we can send you an email or you can fetch the RSS for the updates.

Update #1: 9to5mac has a video demo of Siri on iPhone 4:


Update #2: We’ve got another video demo and photo:

Siri on iPhone 4

Siri on iPhone 4


Update #3: Siri was running slow on iPhone 4 because of the problem with GPU driver, it’s now solved and Siri is now much faster. Here’s a video demo of Siri with working GPU driver:


Siri should also work on iPhone 3GS and iPad 2 as most people are asking. Siri does all the work on the cloud and Apple does not allow Siri queries coming from iPhone 4 but in theory iPhone 4 could be spoofed as an iPhone 4S and the UI could also be used to query google or TellMe if the spoofing doesn’t work. This all needs to be worked on though and we’d only know what works and what doesn’t once it’s released.

Update #4: Siri has been ported to iPad 1 too.

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