iPhone 5 to Launch in October via Sprint

There are some rumors flying in the air claiming that Sprint will carry Apple’s iPhone but they have never crossed the border of rumor-o-sphere. Adding to these rumors, Bloomberg reports that Sprint will carry Apple’s iPhone 5 starting as soon as mid-October. The thrilling part of the news is that Sprint will offer an unlimited data plan to its iPhone customers. This will help Sprint attract customers from AT&T and Verizon. Provided that there are no unlimited data plans in the states, Sprint might actually succeed in gaining customers from its rivals, Verizon and AT&T. Previously, a September release date was being rumored for the iPhone 5 but that has never seen the sun of the morning and all the hopes are now gone. We can only keep a good faith in Bloomberg and believe that the iPhone 5 is coming in mid-october. Apple is already believed to be training its staff for iOS 5 which will be accompanying the iPhone 5. iOS 5 was promised to be launched in fall thus mid-October is a pretty much perfect time to fulfill the promise.

That said, there’s only about a month left to iPhone 5 release! Get yourself ready, tie up the buckles, put on the joggers and rush to the nearest Apple store to camp there.

iOS 5 betas are already making their rounds, all of which have already been jailbroken. Either you are an Apple developer or not, don’t wait for the final release as you can use iOS 5′s latest beta without any problem and jailbreak it in a blink!

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